The Greater GooD  



It is these small words that we often forget to ask. It is these small words that can open up a chance to make someone feel better. Share problems and be there for someone in need.

The Greater Good gives people this opportunity to sit down, share a coffee and share problems, a joke, a good story or even love. 

You ok?

You good?

The original aim of the campaign was to introduce a loyalty scheme that when you had built up enough stamps, you got a free coffee and you also got a coffee to share with someone. Maybe to give to a homeless person?


To open up the chance for a conversation and to give them a small reason to smile. However, the more I looked into the campaign, I felt like this campaign could do so much more.


Giving people that small gesture could mean so much more to them than you could ever know.


If you have a free coffee...

and you had another free coffee,

that you had to give to someone...

and you had that coffee together...

who knows what can happen!





If you own a small business and you can afford to, The Greater Good campaign is a small gesture of happiness to give a little love to those who need it most.


The idea stemmed from thinking about what feels good?... a cup of coffee or giving a coffee to someone less fortunate. That coffee may only last a few minutes but the feeling of goodwill lasts way longer. The aim of this campaign was to get people who wouldn't normally talk an opportunity to chat and open up.

The design of the campaign was to be simple, fun and approachable.


The logo was based around the theory of the good deed feeling featuring the 'greater than' symbol and the spots representing sharing and connecting. The 'G' was designed to symbolise the good deed cycle with an arrow pointing around.


The loyalty card was to be designed to look economical, handmade, resourceful,

eco-friendly and simple.


The whole feel for the campaign was to be approachable, relaxed and warming.





For a FREE print read download of the loyalty cards click the link below!


Enjoy, spread love and good deeds!





A QR code was introduced on the cards as an easy way for people to find out more information on the campaign and so they could implement it into their own business.


The campaign not only works for coffee but can be implemented in nearly every business.


A hair salon

A nail bar

A sandwich shop

Coffee Bar


Snack Van

Ect... use your imagination and SHARE