It’s a running joke to anyone who knows me, how much I love sleep.

I genuinely do believe my spirit animal is a sloth and now I just roll with it.


Sleep to me is my kryptonite and if I’m not sleeping well,

I tend to let the whole world know about it.


Here are my 5 tips for a good night sleep:


Invest in a good sleeping mask – an eye mask is what changed the game for me. Blocking out all light from waking you up (if you are into that) is my one thing in life I cannot live without. I even carry one in my handbag – just in case you know! I actually go to sleep with my eye mask already on so there is no disturbance until I wake. I now find it like a comfort thing, where I panic if it’s not on my face while I’m sleeping.

A decent pillow – I am honestly like princess & the pea when it comes to pillows. I actually hate going to hotels and not having my own pillow and I’m sorry, feather pillows are the worst!! We invested in Simba pillows when we bought our flat and it took me a while to get used to it but now, I love it. With Simba, you can adjust your pillow ‘size’ you can take or add as much inner stuffing as you like to create your own bespoke pillow. I like a heavy, flat pillow FYI. Just enough to support my neck but not prop me up-right while sleeping.

Tech Off – I try not to look at my phone before bed. I really try to remove myself from technology. I take off my smartwatch, put my phone away and switch off. I even invested in blue light glasses to wear during the day, so my eyes feel even more ready to sleep at night.

Low Caffeine Intake – I'm really sensitive to caffeine, I limit myself to one coffee per day (2 at the weekends – wild) and this really helps me naturally fall asleep a lot easier. I am, however, a tea fanatic. Herbal tea is a must for me. A couple of hours before bed, I always enjoy a cup of tea. The tea must be caffeine-free of course – My favourite tea is Pukka Turmeric Tea.


Room Temperature – I cannot sleep if my bedroom is too hot. This is the number one culprit of my sleep disturbance. I make sure I keep my windows open, especially in summer a few hours before bed (or all day if it’s warm) just to make sure, I have a good circulation of clear fresh air in the room. Sometimes I keep it open slightly all night to ensure the room doesn’t overheat. I also hate sleeping with full Pjs on – My body regulates its temperature so much easier on its own with shorts and a baggy T!

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