With inspiration comes power. Without inspiration I am powerless. 


I think one of my favourite feelings is the feeling of inspiration, being inspired. I constantly seek out inspiration every day across may subjects. It gives me thrills and a purpose to be inspired. I seek inspiration on many scales. From what I’m going to have to breakfast or lunch, to what I will wear that day. Then, to larger scale projects and design.

For me, inspiration is essential in my life and its not always something that falls in front of me. I often find I need to chase inspiration - find it myself - and when it clicks, it's magical. Inspiration give you goals and a sense of pride when you achieve them. Inspiration can sometimes carry you through a day when you aren't feeling yourself and you need a boost in life! I hate being uninspired, I get frustrated. Being uninspired drives me to dig deeper and find a spark on inspiration in even the most unlikely places. Inspiration to me as a designer is one of the most important things to me.


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